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Post Subject: Hypotraxponential DilemmaPosted by jessie.dazzle on: 8/6/2007
Guy, I too have had this question (Tractrix vs. Exponential vs. Hypex), and you are right to bring it up.

I very much appreciated Romy's comments on the subject... Including the modular horn with interchangeable profiles proposal... (It might be time to ease up on those Cohibas!)... Actually the idea has me thinking of alternative construction methods...

To be completely honest here, I have not completely decided... In fact my original notes specify a Hypex profile.

I have the (non Excel-based) software to quickly create the numbers for tractrix profiles, so just used that to develop the rough CAD model as a sort of place holder.

As mentioned, I plan to run the 45 Hz horns down to 60Hz, which is lower than I would like to push them.

The sub 60Hz range is well covered by a pair of Lower-Bass enclosures... I am very pleased with their performance. They can handle running a bit higher... Say to 80Hz, but (for more than one reason) I would rather not ask this of them.

I need to think more about it.


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