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Post Subject: A speaker frame with swappable arm-boards.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/6/2007

I would like to point out something that is going on here that I found truly remarkable.

For advanced people ho play with horns there is no second opinion that the vertical array, the Macondo/Cressaro-Gamma type of architecture, is THE ONLY one that works well. So, let look what Jessie offered in his design?

He offered a concept of a generic frame to which the custom channels-insets (arm-boards) might be attached. I think it a remarkable solution, the one that open a Pandora box for much wider thinking as I think there is a great business opportunity in what Jessie proposed for someone who have interest in it.

Let pretend that some kind of company take the Jessie’s idea under the wing and begin to commercialize it. They design unified base + vertical monopod with a system of rack and pinions, along with an array of arm-boards attachments, which would have freedom in vertical and horizontal plane (like the positioning tables in milling machine). They market the frame as a base product for any further speaker design. That frame itself might be sold for little money and then the charges might be bubble up for arm-boards or vice versa – it is not important.  To build that well-designed frame and arm-boards in today’s mass production would be very-very simple and very inexpensive.

So, the prospective users might load the arm-boards with any horns, any drivers, any box enclosures, ported,  sealed, move them up or down, add and remove channels, add single drivers, open baffles, combinations, do upgrades and add amplifiers on the arm-boards…  So, the frame become juts a motherboard, to which anything today audio produces might be connected. The concept of having the easy swappable and easily available components addable to a mainframe would appeal to many people and will encourage them to built acoustic system as the people did in 50s, configuring what they can afford and what they can fit in their rooms.

I really think that someone who is willing to be in the business should look at the Jessie’s idea of frame-motherboard and take it further. The best part is that the people who would manufacture such a thing that they would not be engaged in the idiocy of audio: no bribing reviewers, no applying Vaseline to own ass when they see an editor of audio publication, no addressing of the idiotic frustrations of typical users-audio-morons. It is so none related to audio that even I would do something like this. The people who would produce the frame-motherboard will be engaged in a regular machine shop-type of operation with no needs to humiliate themselves by socializing with audio idiocy. Hey, Jim Smith, if you still look for a sexy project, then you'll my look at this deeper.

I believe there is an a lot of a rational behind the concept of frame-motherboard as the audio-victims sick  to pay $60,000 for a nicely made pieces of unnecessary furniture featuring two $180-worth drivers. If you can read what I did not say than you'll my found this idea worth to consider. It might be very much “new” in what the today’s audio is

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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