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Post Subject: Distribution of Mass in HornsPosted by jessie.dazzle on: 8/2/2007


It's good to have all this info in one post.

Regarding N° 5 :

"5) Horns shell have a sufficient mass properly projected to a given channel’s LF boundary and the horn’s mass should be properly distributed within a horn."

I have seen a lot of photos of Upper Bass, and Mid Bass horns that have reasonably solid small ends, but then use relatively thin walls at the large end... This pair of Altecs that was recently posted on eBay for example:

The construction of Avant Garde horns is another example.

Now, if one wanted to do things right...

I understand that the rear chamber of the horn must be super solid, but in your opinion, to what extent is it desirable/necessary that the part of the horn out in front of the driver be equally robust?

All the horns I've completed thus far use heavy construction right through to the large end (the Upper-Bass horns weigh 570lbs each). For the 45Hz horns however, I would like to make the first 4 feet starting from the small end (including the rear chamber) in my usual heavy way, and then make the final 6 feet using thinner, lighter but still rigid materials.

Any thoughts would be appreciated,


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