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Post Subject: Macondo's Axioms: Horn-loaded acoustic systemsPosted by Romy the Cat on: 7/29/2007

The “coops” post at British forum encouraged me create a thread at my forum where I would actually to talks about Macondo acoustic system and share some thought about it design. I told about it in bits in many different places within my site but never I told about it in context of the entire acoustic system design.

Originally Posted by "coops":
                                 "Romy if funds and time were unlimited, would you change anything about the Macando's?"

In my case the funds and time are unlimited as is, 8 years… Still, sure, I would change a lot but not because the time and funds. You see, Macondo is NOT the specifically built acoustic system but rather a compilation of design objectives and properly applied result-assessment methods. Macondo is not a set of concepts but rather a logical outflow of those methods applied. Ironically if to take many criteria for consideration and have a goal to build a “proper” horn loudspeaker then there is very little room for design maneuvering.  Under different conditions it would be a slightly different speaker but the core of the design (the Macondo's axioms) will remind the same – at seatrain level there is no ambiguity regarding what “works” better.

Anyhow, in this thread I intend pass some axioms that I had in my head and that I discovered over the years of living with different apostasies of Macondo.  Is Macondo an ultimate renderation of a concept of ultimate horn-loaded loudspeaker? Of course not, it is “ultimate” only in my specific conditions. In other circumstances/conditions the design outcome would be different. However, the “Macondo's axioms” are absolutely and unarguably the required criteria for ANY horn-loaded loudspeaker to be if not “ultimate” but at least “properly designed”.

Rgs, Romy the caT

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