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Post Subject: A message I posted at PS Audio Forums that was deleted.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/8/2007

Power Plant VS. Premier. Question for Paul

Paul, I have a question to ask: what are the SONICALLY BENEFICIAL DIFFERENCE between your old PowerPlants and your new Premier units?

 I would not ask you to enumerate the factual taking points well descried in the products information on your site: the new amplifiers, efficiency, power and a number of other things are obvious and are self-explanatory. What I would like you to do is disregard the new amplifiers, efficiency, and bypasses and to express what you feel is deferent in the Premier that from your point of view should make the Premier SONICLY different then the old PowerPlants. I did own Power Plants and used them in quite different application: I should confess that they, although did what they intended to do, but they did not do what I need them to do and despite being regenerators they still were transparent to bad electricity, compression and noises, not to mention that PowerPlants objectively had own Sound.

So, if you do not mind, I would like to ask you to  answer to the following format.

1) What technical (design, circuitry, topological, generator) differences between PowerPlants and Premier that you feel should have SONIC IMPACT?
2) What you personally feel is the subjective difference between the sonic performance of PowerPlants and Premier?
3) When electricity is very good and you run playback from Premier vs. in bypass mode then what differences in Sound you might name?
4) What you feel differentiate performance of your Premier from your competitor (who do full regeneration) or from $7K-$9K commercial regenerator units?

Paul, I ask you because I am considering your unit, along with the simple units of some of your competitors. You guys sell honest – offering in home trial period – but frankly if your new Premier is just a “Class D” irradiation of the PowerPlants then I would not waste your company time and mine time to try it. (I owned 5 PowerPlants). I would also prefer to head the information from you instead to read about it among the doodles of some idiot-reviewer who, I am sure, will drool stupid saliva about your products in near future.

Romy the Cat

UPDATE: I have reposted it under a different account as the dirt who runs AA run automated scripts that initially deleted my post:

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