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Post Subject: It does not need to have knowledge to know…Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/3/2007

None of the commercial speakers might relay on the Imbedded principles because the obvious reasons. They always look for as neutral as possible location because they mostly designed for anechoic operation. However, if the Imbedded techniques are used then we are in a very different ball game.

You see, when the upperbass location is properly imbedded then, only then the decision about the speaker topology or design generally should flow. Do not forget we do not build loudspeakers but we built sound in out listening rooms…. Let me give an example.

Many people walk around and pitching that there is nothing as good as bass horn or upper basshorn. It is imposable to talk to them critically or listening with them because as soon then see (I mean just SEE) any upperbass horn as their mind if flipped out and they loose of this freaking awareness. The realty is that the bass horns are great but largest part of the bass horn’s performance comes from the horn-room interaction. I have seen the bass-horns are pumping a huge amount of pressure into the “dead zones” of the room and the entire installation sounded like Kharma loudspeaker with a single 5” ceramic footer in 1.700 cube feet listening room. The irony is that the very same room with basshorn might be sonically lightened up with a single boxed 10” woofer if the channel is placed Imbeddengly properly. The diffidence might be at almost 10-12dB and the room might response absolutely different.

So, as in anything else that I’ am trying to pitch at my site- a correct solution does not come from knowing many solutions of big theories but in building up within ourselves the appropriate and honest patterns: how to conceive methods, asses the results and interpret the outcomes to pursue own listening objectives.

Romy the Cat

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