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Post Subject: David Wilson vs. Fuzzy PussyPosted by Romy the Cat on: 6/3/2007

I stopped yesterday in Borders at lunch and looked through the June’s Stereophile. It had Wes Philips review of the Watt/Puppy 8. The writing was below any criticism  - it was not review but rather the typical product release drumming. I do not even what to talk about it… too boring…

However, there was a moment in there that I would like to pay attention in context of this thread. The large section of the Wes’ articles was about someone come to him room and perform the necessary "magic" of speaker’s installation.  Wes is correct – the Wilsons if they are not properly installed sound like worst crap but when they properly installed they sound much better.. but still as "better loudspeakers" from the same crap domain.

David Wilson calls for “Zone of Neutrality”,  or the location where the speakers interact less with the boundaries of the room. I call for the “Zone of Maximum Partiality” when acoustic system is organically imbedded info the imperfections of the room, taking advantage of the imperfections, converting imperfectionsinto advantages. Wilson afraid the boundaries problem, I very much welcome them. Wilson feels that there are “better rooms”,  I feel that there are no bad rooms. Wilson looks for a neutral zone outside of which a room booms. I look for the boomiest zone outside of which … nothing happened. Wilson sweat-spot is a 3 inches location, my sweat-spot (with identical speakers) is a walkable space. Wilson burns sensitivity fighting for neutrality, I gain sensitivity fight for neutrality. Wilson feels that dealer should be your slave I feel that you do not need to have any dealer at all… Wilson feels that “wrapped knowledge” matters, I feel that liberation form the artificial conditions where any knowledge is meaningful is more important….

Rgs, Romy the Cat

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