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Post Subject: Power ObservationsPosted by George on: 5/30/2007
Hello Romy,

I am no power expert but here are my observations on your situation.

Even though a PS Audio and others create a perfect AC sine wave this does not seem to be the answer, even for low draw front end components. It seems that some type of problem is still coming through.

Each component will have a different sensitivity to the noise, amplitude and frequency dependent. Using a one size fits all filter at the head of the system will probably create more problems than in will solve in your situation. Plus when the power is fine the box will probably corrupt your delicately balanced sound.

So what I think you need are individual adjustable filters for each component at the IEC inlet. Some components might be immune to bad power and others might need only minor help. When the power is particularly bad you might need more correction and need to use filters on all components vs. moderately bad days when you might need light filtration on only a few units. Plus you need to be able to bypass the filters when power is good.

I don't know anything about building the filters but the concept of inductors and/or LCR doesn't seem overly difficult compared to what else you have done. If you make a successful design you could probably become rich.

The other thing that should be considered is that part of the problem might be airbourne RFI which must be changing during the day. Filters on the inlet IECs I think still solve the problem but we can no longer blame the power company. Airbourne pollution would also explain why regenerators do not work perfectly.

I don't know if this is the same thing, but when I had my Lamm LP2 phono stage I was constantly annoyed at how quiet it was. Record noise disappeared but not in a good sense. My guess, probably wrong, is that the Lamm had excessive AC filtration and nothing I did could be bring the sound back (except get a new phono stage). I'm thinking that with more and more AC problems that manufacturers are adding stronger and stronger AC filters, which will help most people but cause deficiencies for others.


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