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Post Subject: Yes, money back guaranteePosted by Romy the Cat on: 5/29/2007

 Paul S wrote:
Money back guarantee???

Well, my research of the subject leaded me to talk with their distributor. He turned out to be very much clueless and loaded me with a pile of incredible BS. I spoke with the guy at the manufacturing faculty. From my point of view allow they were not very equipped to deal with customers if a customer demands a little more then just generic bumper-sticker audio-phraseology of audio publications. They peaty much paraphrased to me their reviews with inability to say anything more.

Still, the message that I got form them suggested that they feel that their products does sound differently then PS Audio power plant. They stressed dynamics but I have no idea if they undusted how the stupid harmonic firmness “improves” dynamics. The PowerPlants “improves” dynamics by “expediteing” the tone and striping harmonics… Do PowerPlants do it because the re-generation of because the balanced outputs I do not know. The Balanced isolation transformers from Euitech and others do the very same harmonics  trick and I presume it might be due to the symmetrical power:

I do not know if the APS PurePower unit is “better”, if it should be the case then it’s will not be by design – it is a regular regenerator as any other. I kind of liked what the PurePower’s Richard told me – he said that he feels that it sound different then from what I accustomed to get from generators. (It sounded to me that he had no idea know why – which is perfectly fine to me).

With all of it there is one undeniable positive fact that PurePower does – a free home trial – the way how it should be. It sets a very right prospect to try the PurePower unit.. I am intend to order this re-generator from PurePower, who knows perhaps, even if accidentally, something might be useable in the world of power re-regenerators.

Romy the Cat

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