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Post Subject: Before I go into describing the concepts....Posted by Romy the Cat on: 5/17/2007

Before I go into describing the concepts of Imbedded Macro-Positioning I would like to pass some overturning statements.  They are not necessary directly related to the Imbedded notion but they do have SOME relation and I would like you to think about them for a while.

1) Acoustic system is not only loudspeakers and not the loudspeaker-room interaction but rather the sound of the room itself. The loudspeakers juts trigger the room… if the loudspeakers in-phase with room.

2) Deviations from frequency linearity are auditable, however… The bid however… We less sensitive to lack of linearity and more sensitive to be annoyed by the FALLOUT OF REASONS THAT FORMED THE GIVEN NON-LINEARITY. There are good reasons and bad reasons, like the cholesterol presumably. The good reasons that create non-linearity make us audibly less annoyed, we do register them lightly and our awareness easy tune itself off. They are also bad reasons and they do bother us...

3) If your objectives are the “ADVANCED AUDIO AND EVOLVED MUSIC REPRODUCTION TECHNIQUES” THEN practically all Commercial loudspeakers are compromised. It is not necessary because they are bad but because any Commercial off the shelf loudspeaker does not utilizes the “Imbedded Macro-Positioning” and therefore fundamentally underperforms. (Unless the specially built rooms that it very different subjects). I am very much NOT against the Commercial loudspeakers – they just should be designed differently for the “evolved music reproduction”.

4) There are no such a things as bad sounding rooms, at least at the Macro-Positioning level. The rooms sound bad because the Imbedded techniques were not used properly or were not used at all.

5) Acoustic treatment as it exists in today Hi-Fi (unless we are talking about VERY large diffusers and very large resonators… that never used) are not applicable at sub approximately 700Hz. The carp that the Morons use for bass and upper bass control is juts horrible as it shrink reverberation time at higher frequencies. Unless we do for VERY high expense and large custom made solutions the sub 700Hz are not intentionally controllable. The irony is that with the Imbedded Macro-Positioning … it is good they are controllable because it becomes the… benefit.

The Cat

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