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Post Subject: About speakers Imbedded Macro-Positioning.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 5/16/2007

Quite a few people send me emails asking about my techniques to trace the DPoLS

Sure the DPoLS are practically not known techniques and it is great to “handle” it but there is something else in there. The DPoLS sure is very powerful and superbly influential but they are the last stork of brash, the final kink in the art of playback positioning. However, the majority of the installations out there do not even approach to the point of failure at the DPoLS level as they fail at much lover level – the macro-positioning.

The Imbedded Macro-Positioning is my term that has a very precise meaning. The macro-positioning relates to strategic positioning of the loudspeakers in the room. Still he macro-positioning is not really the positioning itself but rather understanding the entire speaker in context of the room, if fact if the Imbedded Macro-Positioning is well-thought and properly implemented then whatever the common audio-knowledge suggest about speakers positioning become … irrelevant.

If you paid attention I very seldom talk at my site about the subject of speakers macro-positioning. There is a reason. The reason is that I do not see a lot of common grounds with practically anyone with whom I spoke about speakers positioning. I read quite a lot on the subject and spoke with a number of smart people, much smarter then me in the subject of speakers positioning, and I never accepted what they all proposed as anything inspiring. In fact, I saw a lot of inconsistencies in their views about speakers positioning. Looking at a number of rooms and playing with several speakers I developed my own view about winning speakers positioning techniques, I will share some basics of it in this thread.

Do not be overly exuberant - not many of you will be benefited or will be able to use what I propose. However, some of you would try and you will be VERY surprised with very effective results. However, if you do not even try it then follow this thread then you might understand the objectives and the attempted means to accomplish the objectives. Then, perhaps, it will make you to think about something. Some of your will find my speakers macro-positioning view too radical or perhaps too absurd. Did you see me to care? Well, it is all up to you....

So, stand by - I will continue this thread with some applied posts.
Romy the Cat

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