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Post Subject: Well, use your ADC and do better tests.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 3/20/2007


Yes, you have a point. It might be something fishy is going on in there and I have thought about it too. Still, I do not really see in Costa’s actions any rational for perpetrating the intentionally fraudulent tests.  Yes, his Metaxas-Wolfson ADC (whoever it is) sound more interesting then other exampled  AD processors but you do not see him commercializing his “better” product. As I understand Costa’s does purely for own benefits as he is actually is a practicing recording engineer… Sure, he might be a self-deluded as many others but do you have many others who present data about ADCin the format that Costa does?

Anyhow, sure it might be interesting to hear more tests, performed perhaps in more methodologically clean environment. It would be interesting also to plug into the game the Pacific 20-bit processor… The more the merrier… BTW, the pops and clicks were not soothe that annoyed. I did not bother myself to pay attention to the details of imaging as the sound right the way quite different from those converters… Was it the sound of the converters or Costa was laying with DCP? Who knows! You want to be absolutely certain you have to make your own tests. Without own experience everything aisle should be trusted as anything else coming from internet.

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