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Post Subject: The Cessaros "might" be more preferred by GermansPosted by Romy the Cat on: 3/8/2007


Thanks, I do not see any needs to discuss anything with Ralph – I am not a prospective buyer and what I had interest personally about Gammas I have already understood.  It does look like those Cessaros people took horns eventually seriously and looking at some details that they trying to do indicate that they are not fools (like adjustment of upper horn exertion depending of the angle if it’s axis) . I hope they did not screw everything up with crossovers but so far I do not see any indication that they did.

Me, being me I would question the use of TAD drivers but for a manufactures who need a study flow if reliable supply – what kinds opinions they have? To run around the world and to trace the lasting stock of the JBL 2440 and then spending days to fix/tune them up? I really do not see any production-type of manufacturer would do. Also, I feel that TAD-type sonic-signature should be very favorable to German character. Sure it is a very sweeping generalization but any commercial manufacture should consider pleasing the generalizations of the prospective consumers. So, the TAD should be acceptable in Cessaros since they are primary homeland oriented.

BTW, let me to expand a littlie on my last comment. I always personally with some suspicion and difficulty “get” what German high-end audio does. They frequently target some very “bicepsy” sound but they kid of very liberal, sometimes to a point of complete disrespect to some tonal load. Ironically the “late” German music kind looks at the same direction. German are so damn spoiled with great traditions and legacy of superb tonal music that nowadays they find some “kinkiness” in doing black/white. I kind of understand it and perhaps appreciate it but me being me I looking for something different. I remember once I was lost my driving directions and was wondering across the hilly roads in country side of South Bavaria. I ended up driving up some mountain and found an extremely sexy, almost ruined castle at the top of the hill. There were no people there and I dropped my car and decided to walk around. This led me to a deep forest but it was deferent forest then I knew. It was very clean but at the same time it was “deep” with some natural dramatization. I had no idea where this drama came from but it was physically presented in the very moisture air and forest had own sound. It is hard to explain, but it was very distinct sound of a cold, full with morning mountain dew air and listening of this Sound I suddenly understood how I would like Beethoven’s sound. Since then, listening German music, I always look of that “wet” and “deep”, with mind smell of spruce and pine tone… I know that TAD would not do it for me as they are more on “synthetic” side of the wagon. But for Germans, who might not necessary in search for “my version of the Beethoven tone”, the “bicepsy” and "showy" TAD character might do… It would be similar to that fact that  many Westerners adore Shostakovich and his jumpy and vulgar phraseology but many Russians of my generations, listening in our childhood very many of Shostakovich’s shity compositions (and many equally shity imitations) that were presented to us in context of Communist Propaganda - we really can not stand much of what Shostakovich composed…

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