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Post Subject: The good Cessaros....Posted by Romy the Cat on: 3/8/2007

 coops wrote:
Yes primarily i viseted Thomas to compare tonearms, he has a couple of Schroeders, the new graham Phantom ( mark III ) a vintage Ortofon amongst others. and he has a fine collection of cartridges, as I mentioned he is a very nice guy, The real surprise was the Cessaro Alpha's whic he has had for about three months, they were astounding, I had only heard the Avantgardes, and some vintage Vitavox's ( and some diy lowthers ) up to that point, the Cessaro's were jaw droppingly good, more like real music than anything else I have heard, can't tell you much about them, TAD drivers obviously, I know that each horn is spcifically designed for each driver, I believe Ralph prefers a simple passive crossover , at Thomas's they were being driver by a KR amp, ( huge valves ) I think they can be configured pretty much to your taste, beautifully made, the website photos give no sense of the size or beauty of the speakers, horns are solid wood, I think Thomas said that the horn alone weighs 35kg, and as mentioned they will be at the Munich show, Thomas is a very hospitable host visitors are most welcome and he has no axes to grind, he lives in herne relatively near Dusseldorf, for me it was a revelation.

Thanks, coops,

I still insist that Cessaro Alpha is quite challenged loudspeakers. It is essentially a near 300Hz MF horn with a driver that goes down no more then let say 600Hz. This of the bass enclosure that Cessaro uses is pretty much none-effective above 100Hz-150Hz and they just fill the hole between 150Hz and 600Hz worth “sonic mad”, similar to what Avantgardes does in this Duo.  It is 98dB sensitive and it should sound as poor as Avantgardes Duo. Do not take me wrong. I do not deny that you were experienced a revelation. But a revelation is juts a realization of something that you did not realized before, so it was a next step for you up but I doubt that it was a good sound.  Any new realization are good things, I would juts propose you to capitalize on this new revelation and try to audition the Cessaro’s Betas and Gammas. The Betas and Gammas should have way more sophisticates sound as Betas has an upper bass horn and a separate LF section. A present of a dedicated upper bass channel will set all bets off, would allow using way more interesting bass drivers and should take the sound of the Cessaro setup way further then what Alpha could do.  

I’m very pleased to se what the Cessaro folks (using a view from 50.000 feet) do and if you an insider and could bring up some of the advanced Cessaro users then it would be very interesting to head form them. Do you know who is behind this Cessaro Company and if they sold any Gammas at US’s East Coast. I would drive to listen the inhalation; I think it should worth….

Romy the caT

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