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Post Subject: No titlePosted by Michaelz on: 3/1/2007
 Romy the Cat wrote:

 Michaelz wrote:
Where does this come from?
It coming from a danger that we all under what we think about those things. With all our desire to equate loudspeaker with a musical instrument this comparing might be juts figurative as a musical instrument deal with primary source of vibration but a loudspeaker deals with mathematical approximation of vibrations or with something that I call “event support”.
 Michaelz wrote:
This reminds of something.  I wonder if the reason that recently my speakers make music more enjoyable is that there is now GuZheng placed in the middle of their front.
Isn’t it a good evidence that the secondary acoustic resonators might work beneficially? BTW I might be going into a dangers territory but … might I predict that you use an opened baffle loudspeakers?

Rgs, the Cat

Say a grand piano with 2 different lids, one made of real wood, the other with mdf. When played with the lid closed, the tone of the piano can be very different with different lid.  If something has to resonate, then why would not we use something that would make it pleasant to our ears?  Besides, the spruce made sound board is very beautiful to behold and to touch, it is extremely light, very soft, yet very strong, it is used in piano, cello, guitare, and a number of other instruments, and can be used to make airplane.  It is a very faithfull resonator in that any two good different pianists can create different tones with it(I am talking of the piano, but sound board is at the heart of the thing)(But I am not sure how this would relate to it being used as speaker panel). If one can use pine for loudspeaker cabinet, why not try spruce? 

I had some blh with fostex 4" drivers in the piano room.  I am not 100% sure if the sound getting more interesting has to do with the presence of GuZhang, could be electricity or maybe the recording is very good (it's Marston Records Godowsky volume 3, much better than Godowsky volume from Great Pianists of 20th Century).

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