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Post Subject: Orange Cello SpeakersPosted by op.9 on: 3/1/2007
Here's a thought experiment...

pick up a couple of chinese orange crate cellos - for example ..

lossily mount the PHYs just under the F holes but supported from the magnet by a steel pole where the spike was. (I've often had nightmares about applying my power tools to my instruments! This might be a cure?)
Tweaks to try..
restring the cello! and tune strings to add sympathetic resonances. Much like a Viola d'amrore.
add an extra 'sound post' to couple the cone somehow to the belly of the cello.
apply luthiers wood treatment tricks (ozone - ultra violet box - retifying (baking quickly in a pizza oven))
and apply fine varnish with really bright and stiff ground layer

and if it sounds poor - charge a LOT of money and sell them on!

or how about a utilising a carbon fibre cello case? Comes with adjustable loading depending from sealed box to open baffle.. .

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