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Post Subject: Wait aminutePosted by Michaelz on: 2/28/2007
{I do not think that it makes sense to dive into mystifications or cult worshiping of musical instruments. }

Where does this come from? 

{Sure if one built an “light” resonating enclosure then everything in this enclosure, walls attachment methods, glue if is was used, type of wood, propagation of thicknesses, driver mounting methods, dehydration of the enclosure and many other variables would affect the sound of this box.}

I was not thinking of light wall resonating enclosure.  I was thinking of some sort of semi open baffle encased in a frame or a conic horn. 

{I do not think that at this point anyone who actually never did anything in this direction should be spreading hypnotizes should about type of wood would or would not be beneficial, if fact the best sounding enclosures from the past were made form the wood and by the methods that are revoltingly primitive. }
One has to make some hypothesis or at least have some expection before one does something.

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