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Post Subject: How to build Audio Amati.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 2/28/2007

 Michaelz wrote:
I know that piano sound board is very expensive.  How ever, one can get brken old upright pianos for free, or for very little (except you need to have a truck to move them.  No clue for lack of time though:^)
Michaelz, I do not think that it makes sense to dive into mystifications or cult worshiping of musical instruments. Sure if one built an “light” resonating enclosure then everything in this enclosure, walls attachment methods, glue if is was used, type of wood, propagation of thicknesses, driver mounting methods, dehydration of the enclosure and many other variables would affect the sound of this box.  I do not think that at this point anyone who actually never did anything in this direction should be spreading hypnotizes should about type of wood would or would not be beneficial, if fact the best sounding enclosures from the past were made form the wood and by the methods that are revoltingly primitive. 

Anyhow, for the rest, I would divulge (partially) what I’m dong now.  People who know me personally know that I have developed a freakish sensitively to bass reflex speakers. I would avoid saying at this thread anything negative about them I just would tell you that it can hear them a mile away. Put in front of me 100 speakers and I blindly will, even for another room, tell you (if electricity is good) that it was a sound of a vented box. (I have to admit that I have seen some better vents boxes that did “almost” good). So, somewhere in the mid of 2002 I suddenly turned my playback on and realized that I hear that “ported harmonics”. Surly, I did not have ported bass and I was much pissed as that “tone” enjoyed me tremendously. I spent a few days trying to figure out what in my playback made it, even change the tubes in my amps and changed the diet for my Cat. The “ported” nose was there and I had no idea what was it. Then one day it gone… and I changed nothing in my playback. I was pissed even more and I felt that somebody has trespasses my little backwards… and as you all know we Cats are very territorial creatures….

How big was my surprise when I learned what it was! It was my guitar, a regular acoustic guitar that when is it was left next to my sealed woofer towers inspected into my listening space those “ported harmonics”. OK, let consider the guitar as a secondary source of sound. In this case the “guitar” is not different then the walls of a light sealed box that is made to resonate. If so, then why I could not inject into the  sound my “perfect upper bass hors” (for instance) a “guitar” that would be tubes to produce the necessary to me “secondary resonances” only this time they will be very specific in the very targets direction?

It is all amazingly interesting but I wish I have in my disposal someone who could of explain me what the hell I am doing because to use the  knowledge of a sale-guy from Home Depot is not the best help to built an Audio Strad.

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