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Post Subject: which parts move?Posted by guy sergeant on: 12/11/2004

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Hi Romy,

It certainly is a weird looking thing. I've never seen anything similar. It's hard, from the picture, to see which parts move and which stay still when the arm tube moves. How is the outer sphere attached to the 'gimbal'?. Could you post a sketch showing (from the outside at least) what is going on. This is one of these things which is probably easier to understand with 'first hand' and 'hands on' experience of it.

The only arm I've used which has a viscous damped bearing was a home made well tempered type arm. Certainly no bearing chatter was audible but in whatever combination of paddle & fluid I used the bass was never very good. How does the bass seem with this arm? (I appreciate that the bearings in this arm are more conventional but the designer is obviously trying to augment some aspect of their performace with his spheres.)


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