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Post Subject: Hi-Fi Mini SystemsPosted by Romy the Cat on: 2/14/2007

I’m involved now in a VERY interesting project that leads me to ask a strange question: did anyone ever research the subject of those Hi-Fi Mini Systems? What I need is a small source of FM and CD in a one small “comfy” box. I do not need that CD to do what CEC TL0 does with 16 bit or that the Sansui TU-X1 does with FM signal. However, I would like them to be still at more or less not reasonable level and considering the state of the today digital I do not see why it should not be. I’m targeting a Mini System that would deliver an average line-level performance of Sony 7700 CD player and Yamaha T-85 tuner but I would like to have it is a small integrated package.

There was a great number of contemporary “better” Hi-Fi Mini Systems with a range of $250-$500. I presume that they all are made insider based upon the very same few chips, regardless the brands. If not, then are any of them better sonically? I have seen some people who try to express something about Mini Systems but thier judgment was not exactly motivated me. The problem is that those Mini Systems come with own 20-40W amplifiers and a set of own speakers and the people why try to evaluate them listening those Mini Systems with on-board amplifiers and the default speakers.  I care less about those built-in amps and about those speakers - I will take the line-out, and even if the thing has an amp inside I will disconnect it.

So, is anything out there that somebody might point out to me? Perhaps there some people, sites, consumer reports or even some reviews that might just initially educate me on the subject? I was thinking about the Denon D-M33S (without speakers) with it’s Burr-Browns arond PCM-1741 DAC or something similar to it….

Romy the caT

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