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Post Subject: Neuro-Jukeboxes could sell wonderfullyPosted by Chirag on: 12/4/2004

Hi Antonio,

I just realized I glanced over that thread assuming its relationship to the 6 levels of benefits.  Its quite interesting, but I do not know where I fall in that spectrum (no, it can't be discrete stages as its far to "big" to really ascribe that easily ;-)).  My "small" system is a seiki table, phono stage, tuner, headamp, dac, dvd transport, msb audiophile and a pair of grado RS-2's.  Its quite small with regards to the space it takes up, but its by no means a little Ipod.

I think my ideal system would be a telepathic linkage to an imaginary Tivoli 312.7x that played exactly what I wanted from any medium with crystal clarity and purpose immediately into my conciousness for whatever intellectual/emotional reason....a very serious "neuro-jukebox" if you will.  I'm fairly confident I'd look like a fool just dancing around my building all day with some weird electrode ridden implant on my head, but it would be worth it!

A distant second to that would be some imaginary system I'm struggling to figure in, I know quite abstractly what I want it to do, but have no real time (yet!) to experiment and carry it through.  The other completely annoying part about building a system I would really utilize is the sheer size and weight.  How am I supposed to chase my doggy around while she deftly jumps over my cables and I keep falling into my tonearm?


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