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Post Subject: only the tweeter in cessaro is made with cobalt magnetPosted by angeloitacare-idiot on: 12/10/2006
the text at cessaro homepage says following :

Auch das angewandte Magnetmaterial gehört zu dem Feinsten, was jemals im Lautsprecherbau verarbeitet wurde. Alnico-Magnete (finden heute aus Kostengründen kaum noch Anwendung) und im Superhochtonbereich ein speziellen Cobalt-Magnet.

translated : 

also the applied magnet material belongs to the finest one, what was ever processed in the building of loudspeakers. Alnico magnets (apply today from cost reasons hardly still) and within the super high tweeter range a special cobalt magnet.

so , probably they use another brand than tad for supertweeter, the rest is tad.


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