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Post Subject: The most promising “best” commercial speakerPosted by Romy the Cat on: 12/6/2006

A few days ago in the thread “Who Builds Horns”:
there were mentioned the Cessaro Horn Acoustics Company from Germany.  The company has an interesting model Gamma:

I was looking at them, looking, thinking and released that Cessaro GAMMA have potential to be very good speaker.

With the Bush’s dollars of nowadays the 114K EUR makes near $150K. Well, certainly it is expansive but let look at the subject further. What is out there for 100K?  Let forget about the Kharma Grand Enigma, the biggest Genesis, the largest Wilsons with their numerous limitations, the German Physik’s Gaudi with the low sensitively 4Ohm, 3 ways monster of 1/4 million dollars or the Alon’s Exotica.  I wonder would be that if a person does pay that obscene amount of money then what he will be getting?  Well, in case of the Cessaro Gamma I think the person “might” get the most.

4-way, horn-loaded, time-aligned, high sensitivity, vertically arrayed, with dedicated pairs of LF sections – I feel it is the very much the direction for an ultimate result available for home sound reproduction. Also, those types of speakers allowed to use not the hundreds watts SS-crap and not the elephant-sounding, on-capacitance-floating high-voltage-wattage transmission tubes but the most advanced-sounding conventional low power triodes.

I never heard the Cessaro Gamma but frankly speaking it was the one of the few speakers over $100K looking at which I did not laugh. Looking at the Magico Ultimate, at the top pf the line Calix Phoenix Signature or partially at the Acapellas Spharon or TLG Accoustics it is difficult stay away from giggling. Sure, the Cessaro Gamma has a lot opportunities do not sound well. Using not-good drivers, use the driver wrongly, many aspects of loading and implementation, even in bass – all of it if it was not done correctly will affect sound negatively. Still, if everything is done properly and sensibly in the Cessaro Gamma then I feel those speakers HAVE A POTENTIAL to be the MOST INTERESTING “ the best” commercial home speakers out there.

Romy the caT

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