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Post Subject: Holly Cow! I’m, perhaps, an electrical genius!Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/14/2006

 guy sergeant wrote:
*** I'm always amused by your concern regarding everyone else's ability to discern what might or might not achieve a successful result in the pursuit of good sound. It's remarkable given their limited criteria and comparitively barbarian methods for evaluating their results, that engineers at the BBC, your local radio station and at companies such as Koetsu, Ortofon, Revox, Neumann, DG, EMI,  etc etc just occasionally manage not to screw things up. Pure luck I suppose.

I would agree with you. Mostly it is because the pure luck and because the moronic faulty knowledge that dominates awareness of the today’s engineers was not developed or did not managed to penetrate the engineering masses deep enough. Also, no one would tell you how good those Neumanns or Ortofon were compare to how they could be….

Returning back to the subject…. While I was writing my last biting post a revelation stroke me how to resolve the electricity problems. I think I have invented a methodology according to which ALL problems with electricity should be resolved by the very nature of THE method. It is VERY different with whatever currently is being used and I am very excited to run it with my technical folks and to learn if it migh be implementable.


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