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Post Subject: Re: synthesised electricityPosted by guy sergeant on: 10/14/2006

I believe this system was actually developed for people living in parts of the world where the electricity supply is truly terrible, in the first instance a customer living in a more remote part of Thailand. I believe that the number of batteries used can easily be increased. I believe the amplifiers the guy in Thailand used were actually some of the larger Jadis designs and the system he has runs these amps and his other equipment from a small hut built next to the house.

My own exposure to this includes listening to it at a show and at the manufacturers place. On both occasions the music produced by the system made more sense to me when the mains supply was decoupled.  Where I live, I think the mains supply is ok. No large towns or heavy industry nearby. I doubt the effect would be so pronounced.

I'm always amused by your concern regarding everyone else's ability to discern what might or might not achieve a successful result in the pursuit of good sound. It's remarkable given their limited criteria and comparitively barbarian methods for evaluating their results, that engineers at the BBC, your local radio station and at companies such as Koetsu, Ortofon, Revox, Neumann, DG, EMI,  etc etc just occasionally manage not to screw things up. Pure luck I suppose.



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