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Post Subject: Some near-electricity runt.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/14/2006

 guy sergeant wrote:
perhaps you need a rig like this to run things from
Well, I do not rally think that that the volumes of the butteries that are shown on the picture are large enough to drive an entire system from butteries and partially the tube-based system.  I would anticipate if should be at lest 5-10 time more… They might run the front end for butteries but it would still beg many questions about the rational of using it. Something suggests me that the people who could put in their basement a few thousands amper/hours power source might afford to put own little diesel-generator and gnat own, completely disconnected form the grid electricity. It obviously “might” be clean but would it affect Sound in positive way? I do not know…

The problem in here is that we stick with intellectual and logical justification of what “might” work. Yes, the own regeneration should be good. Yes, the buttery powering should be good. But as you begin to actually try and if you really concerned about the actual Sonic results instead of subordination of your senses to the goal of justification the abstract concerts then you might observe that the results of you deeds are not as exiting as you would like them to be. However it is not the only problem with your deed but it very much might be too bogus or juts too faulty concerts.

We, do not pursue in audio for a metal peace with our believes but rather we pursue Sound. Are any relations between Sound and state of electricity? Unquestionably the relations exists and very strong. Do we possess methodology or know how that would allow use to convert bad electricity into good one? I do not think so as our analyses of wave shape, spikes, harmonic distortions or the presents of different noises is not inclusive enough reasoning. I do not even mention that as soon you begin to correct any of the “bad things” about the electricity we screw up something else…

Also, an this is me very personally, I completely disregard any people in audio who do not equate this scientific methods of analyses and decision making with realty of accomplished sound. Whoever they say, if the do not posses ability to objectively assess the sonic benefits of this scientific actions then the only reaction they get form me, and the only reaction they deserver is inevitable:  “Go Fuck yourself.”

For instance look at the very reasonable guy from Lithuania:

All this objectives might be very correct but…

“LessLoss is conscious that all marketing is inherently prone to hype and cynicism. In return for your intelligence, we pledge to avoid, where possible, argument based on subjective perception. We shall remain scientific, and shall never succumb to mere emotional persuasion. “
Well, if those people are not intelligent enough to understand that there is nothing subjective in subjective perception then do they have any reasons to make a properly sounding DAC? There are many folks out there who have electrician education and who have fluently operates by the notions of bits, volts or Hzs. However it is not enough to make Sound. There are many folks who design their DACs for satisfaction of their oscilloscope and this why this DACs all sound like crap. It is the very same with power lines – none of the freaks that I have seen who made the power treatment devises talks about Sound. None of their products (at least those that I tried) works as they should – they mask out the narrow problem but screw the Global Sound. I am sure that those “no subjective perception” Lithuania guys are sitting in the same very shallow boat.

The Cat

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