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Post Subject: GREAT post!Posted by stuck.wilson on: 10/2/2006
now THAT is the kind of instruction in critical listening that gives you some real guideposts for making your system sound right!  romy, i believe you have honestly set a new standard...

 i have a 2 way system, so i can't use the exact instruction-- but the PROCESS you outlined, and the fact that it's clearly delineated and specific goal-oriented.. that in itself is the kind of thing that could cure a lot of ills in the audio world!  if more folks focused on that sort of information sharing-- there'd be a lot less bad sounding systems-- especially if coupled with the distribution of symphony tickets...

it's funny that this post corresponds exactly to my own search for good, real information on time alignment-- even with a simple 2 way system-- guess the stars.. ahem.. 'align'.. sometimes...



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