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Post Subject: The “Fundamental channel” - the first blood.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/14/2006

I had today the “fundamental channel” plug in and was trying to listen it. As usually I do, I connected juts one single crossovered “fundamental channel” to a single amp and try to live with it for a while. It usually takes for me a week or so to figure out how a channel behaves.

It took 3 times to align the S2’s cone quite miserable procedure. The horn turns out does not handle LF as good as I expected. The lowest I was able to go was 19uF against 15R or something around 550Hz, of course with the first order. The S2 can handle lower but the horn does not. Since I put the phase plug back the channel runs all the way up unfortunately. I was trying 700Hz, 800Hz and 900Hz, they all were fine. Sine I have a huge spare sensitivity in the channel I am planning to put it on the transition slop and let inductance to attenuate decibels. However, I do not know how a large coil of 40mHz would affect sound.

Conceptually it looks pretty promising so far and now I see that putting a complimentary channel in a virtual configuration was a very-very right direction to do. Although I did not try to integrate the channel but it looks like the vertical positioning will do no damage, quite an opposite…. To be continue…

The Cat

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