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Post Subject: Re: Adding one to Macondo: Beautifully wasted Saturday!Posted by Romy the Cat on: 8/12/2006

I did not expect that it would be so much work with the new “fundamental channel”. The new 250Hz horns required some help to correct some problems, plus they have to be finished in a civilized fashion and color. However, the biggest problem is position the new “fundamental channel” to make it work with Macondo, and perhaps eventually to become a new Macondo. I was trying the “fundamental channel” in many combinations but I did not like the results. Beside the integration problems it require new frame and I do not think that I would be able to make two horn frame as elegant as I have now for my MF. The lateral offset creates problems in nearfield. It is possible deal with it but it requires a long and very precise dialing in the crossover point to make the undetectable lateral offset undetectable.

I spent pretty much an entire Saturday to play with it. In the end I did tried one quite radical solution, ironically the one that heavily employ with original Macondo design – something that I call “arrayed coupling”, and it worked wonderfully. 

In the end I decided that the new “fundamental channel” will live atop the tweeter and I do have very cool idea how I can hang it there with a bulky and unwieldy frame. I think I will spend another day for further experiments and if everything works well then I will be able in couple days to start listening the thing and to start playing with crossovers and amplifiers…

The Cat

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