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Post Subject: Horn mouth terminationPosted by NBC on: 8/11/2006

By "flat ended", I assume you mean how the mouths of his current 650Hz and older 300Hz horns have flat edges, rather than even more gently rounded ones?

From memeory and a photo, Bruce's current 350Hz appears to be 'slightly' more rounded at the front edge and without a definate perimeter line visible. I imagine your 250Hz horns are the same.

How does the flat termination effect sound (e.g., diffraction), and how will you modify them?

LeCleac'h horns generally have very large, rounded, gradual horn mouth terminations. I can upload several photos of 340Hz and 204Hz 'Azura' horns (and graphs) I received from Martin Sedon, but perhaps that should wait for another thread discussing horn design, since this thread is about multi-horn integration.



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