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Post Subject: Tannoy carton issuesPosted by N-set on: 11/17/2021
 Romy the Cat wrote:
*** I am positive that if you get 100 pieces of exactly your model of Tannoy, they will ALL sound different.
Very likely, I have 6 drivers and one of them sound as I need, all the rest of them are compromised. They still have the similar characters however but different damages.

FYI: A quote re cones of Tannoys (albeit for 15") I've found here

"For 15"..
Silvers and Reds with orange dust cap use the same lighter carton and sound alike.

Reds with black dust cap but especially later black dust caps started using heavier carton which became pretty much gold same weight. So reds with blk dustcap are more like a gold than orange dust cap reds. Also often reflected with prices on ebay.

Late Reds with black dust covers had some issues with carton "worming" which is basically the carton separating having a tunneled like effect. A term I use to explain this phenomenon. I found the sound can be affected alot as I have heard some not so good sounding units due to this. Just not a focused sound, instrument separation and weird soundstage.
It was actually Mostly fixed by the time the gold came around so golds often sound better than later reds due to no worming better paper mash glue. This is all just theory I thought out with my experiences with Tannoy which has been quite a few."

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