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Post Subject: What is different.Posted by Bill on: 11/16/2021
Have been playing with the Dannoy’s for four weeks now and they have significantly improved. Using my Trinnov pre-pro to see and adjust the parameters, i can answer Rom'y points.

1. Frequency response: combined with a JL f113 subwoofer crossed over at 80 Hz., they are +/- 1 dB 20+to 20+KHz. Without the subwoofer they have a natural roll off at about 50 Hz. In this cabinet.

2. While I still don't have the tone Romy got with them, it is the best I have heard from my system over the past 40 years.

3.Tannoy is worse in dynamics, but what non-horn speaker can match them for this parameter.

4. I cannot hear any significant distortion using my Trinnov pre-pro with XTZ digital amps. On the other hand. I do not have the tone quality I heard at Romy's. That is probably due to his vfet  amps and digital source.

5. Tannoy is point source compared with my horns, and with the Trinnov's ability to align the 2 tannoy drivers with the jl audio to less that 1 ms., the sound stage is glorious with pinpoint imaging and a wide ,very deep soundstage. 

6.With the Trinnov, the crossover is optimized, although it is only 12 dB. Linkiwitz-Reilly Between the tannoy tweeter and woofer and 24 dB to the subwoofer. 

7. Dannoy is convenient, takes up significantly less space, number of amplifiers, and frequency and time alignment. At my age, this is a great advantage. 

Hopefully my Yamaha B2 amps ordered from Japan will clear customs this time around and I’ll get that jump in amplifier quality.

Right now I’m satisfied with what I have for sound and hope Romy gets to his optimum.Bill

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