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Post Subject: bass horns delayPosted by cv on: 7/12/2006

One thing to bear in mind with the bass horn delay - I thank Tom Danley for explaining all this a while ago - if I understand it right, a small direct radiator (ie small in relation to the wavelength - which will obviously be the case with bass) *always* has a 90 degree phase shift, in addition to that caused by any roll-off (minimum phase system implies a direct correspondence between frequency response and phase shift).

So at very low frequencies, a misaligned *true* bass horn could still have better time alignment than a "geometrically aligned" direct radiator, esp. if the latter is vented etc. 

At 20hz, a sealed system eq'd to flat will still have a delay equivalent to 4 or 5m, which is less than the horn length in this case. And the horn will probably add some delay as it probably isn't long enough to give zero phase at 20Hz.

The thing with the horn though is that its frequencies will have the same group delay (unlike the direct radiator which spreads them out in time). Despite being late, at least the guests will show up together. Not sure what this equates to in sonic terms; I've never heard a front loaded bass horn.

As for the misalignment of all the MF and HF drivers, I'm with you.


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