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Post Subject: Some options for buying BrucknerPosted by JJ Triode on: 7/3/2020
Poking around for options to acquire downloads of the Bruckner symphonies, including the performances briefly streamed free in April, I came across the following options on In no particular order we have, covering at least B4 through B9:

D. Barenboim, B4-B9, Staatskapelle Berlin, 48k/24, 2015, live, probably the streamed performances were these, $52

D. Barenboim, B1-B9, Berlin PO, 44k/16, 1994, $38

O. Klemperer, B4-B9, Philharmonia and New Philharmonia, 44k/16, quite old and "remastered" in early digital era, $29

E. Jochum, B1-B9, Staatskapelle Dresden, 44k/16, mid-late 1970s, $23

Blomstedt, Haitink, Jansson, Maazel (different conductors for different symphonies) B1-B9, Bavarian Radio, 48k/24, $21

Any recommendations would be welcome; Romy, you're at bat!

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