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Post Subject: To quote a 90's chocolate tv advert...Posted by anthony on: 10/27/2019
...rather than something more culturally appropriate...

"it's the bubbles of nothing that make it really something"

Macondo + Melq, at least in my room unfinished and still mono, plays the silences between the notes so wonderfully.  The notes themselves are fine, tone is correct, dynamics ever-present, bandwidth appears unlimited.  
Several years ago I heard a highly modified vintage Leak Stereo 20 push-pull amplifier do a similar thing where it seemed to have all the time in the world to make the sounds and play the music.  We had just listened to some big Gryphon Class A beasts, high power valve input stage Class D Arions, some high powered KT88 based valve amps and then this diminutive in size and output power 12W Leak.  Sure, it was trimmed in the bass, and it was using all of it's measley 12w to power those speakers, but it did something that none of the other amplifiers could do, and that was articulate what was in-between the notes, play the silence, resolve what the other amplifiers could not.  For me, it was addictive.

Melq is the first amp since then that I have heard that is able to do a similar thing, but it does more.  I have not really grasped just what it is that allows such an intimate conection with the performance.  For me, certainly, the silence between notes is a large part of the effect, the almost hyper-resolution for want of a better description, moist and dry at the same time, almost like being allowed to wander about on stage while the performance is happening, concentrating on one aspect of the performance, then another musician, then the entire will.  

Whatever it is, I am still coming to terms with it.

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