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Post Subject: I am done posting in or reading this threadPosted by rowuk on: 10/27/2019
Amir, you are not listening or trying to understand. You are doing the same things that Stereophile/Audiogon/TAS audiophiles are doing - posting about things that you are not even trying to understand - and copy pasting other peoples ideas without understanding what they mean. I thought that I would just play the game for a while - unfortunately you are just as weak now as with your first post in this thread.
 Amir wrote:
please check here , Romy has an answer

Romy had no answer - but he does have a different view that he can very well define. If you read the whole thread and understand what we are saying, you will realize that both sides are reality viewed from a different point of view.
 Amir wrote:
I do not want to disagree you but i think this is not a fix rule because i know a professional pianist, he has PHD in sound engineering and he does setup of hall sound systems and he works in mastering studio and he reviews pro audio hardware. he is professional musician and a professional photographer. i know his ideas about sound and he think the best sound come from those 0.000001% THD systems.if you ask him what is the best DAC then he will tell you weiss is best. if you ask him what is the best amplifier then he will tell you Spectral Audio is the best.i also know two other musicians that their audio result is not different to other audiophools. you disagree me about Audio IQ but I think if roomy IQ was not high then we had not goodsoundclub. advancing audio needs IQ because most of listeners and musicians are familiar with live music and they both have enough experience but only higher IQ mans do audio better. read here 

Amir, why do you refer to someone that you do not understand (the pianist)? Why do refer to Romy that you also do not understand the context of his posting? Your pianist friend may just get great performance of the Weiss DAC and his .000000001 distortion amplifier. If you could understand his viewpoint, he may be closer to the "musical" truth in spite of your condescending opinion of his hardware. As you do not understand what he is talking about, your words have no meaning to me.
 Amir wrote:

for defining proper playback I will write about my idea about good sound with writing about harmonic dynamic and .... be sure you will not be upset if you come to iran and listen to my system.
just let me share my first audio system experience.i really believe bad audio systems make listener sad. i had NAD cdplayer NAD amplifier and 86db Dynaudio speaker. my cell phone Siemens SL45 had a better sound than my audio system and i listened more to Siemens mp3 player. i think the audio industry destroyed audio.
this is your post about your amplifier 5 years ago :    

Actually, I feel that it would be best if you just stopped posting for a while and spent some time thinking about everything that has been written.
 Amir wrote:
it means some hardware may not fix you on chair

It is not the job to fix me in the chair. I can be off axis and have a great listen too - albeit with a different "Sound". Sometimes I like listening from another room with the stereo turned up. Romy has written also about this.

By the way, I read the forum posts but Romys site feature of posting Music News is very unique and attracts my attention very seriously.

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