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Post Subject: Steep lower upper bass [Re: The miserable line-arrays with 25W8565]Posted by Ronnie on: 6/18/2006
Listening to the horns, it seems that they indeed die somewhere below 120Hz. I was surprised, and a little disappointed that it seemed so steep. Good to hear that it's to be expected!!
Yes, I'm using a 30-something-Hz 1st order high pass on them too.

The LF crossover point has been tuned by ear to 60Hz (1st order), and I was beginning to think that perhaps that should result in a dip around 100Hz. I guess I'll have to sit down and learn the crossover maths ;-)
A propos that, My big-mouth-fostex-horns should be high-passed at the same frequency as the big horns are low-passed, right? I'm using 1st order 950Hz HP and LP.

There are just so many variables: LF-box positions, LF-volume (on the amp), XO point (pots in the line-level XO). The slightest change can screw everything up. especially turning the volume knob on the big-horn-controller-amp a fraction of a millimeter can be devastating or perfect. I've got those knobs glued in approximately the right place. :-)

Anyway. The LF is wavy and that's why I've resorted to listening to beautiful sinesweeps tonight, trying to find the most even LF, and go on from there.
That's one encouraging line array photo! =)

EDIT: Long wall placement -CHECK-. Here's how the zillion kg cones have moved about lately:

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