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Post Subject: Stacking LF drivers for indoor results? [Re: Macondo alteration: first results]Posted by Ronnie on: 6/18/2006
I'm moving my two finished LF boxes (connected as 1 channel) around the room, trying to set them up to play more frequency-flat than I've been able to make them with only one box per channel.
Putting one in the ceiling and the other on the floor, both in the middle, switching from only one box to two. 20-100Hz sine sweeps so far confirm the uneven response I've been trying to fix lately (unless I open the lids and rest my head on one of the pillows inside a box. Wonderfully even sound in there!)

How much does your ruler-flat LF response at the listening position depend on the amount of stacked drivers? Did you ever try with only one or two 10" per channel?

Perhaps it takes three or four stacked 25W8565 per side to get a more even response in the room?

Perhaps this is also a giant subject for choosing the LF drivers? I'm thinking of your recent "exceptional loudspeakers drivers" thread.
I could begin playing with resonators and treatments, but I'd rather put the money and effort on more drivers if that can even out the response.


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