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Post Subject: Re: It is not about rightsizing from extreme systems but ....Posted by Thorsten on: 6/17/2006

 Romy the Cat wrote:
....obtaining the same extreme results by the different means, although I do not know yet if it is possible….

My point exactly.

 Romy the Cat wrote:
Also, that 9.5" woofer to do well 3000Kx and to do well 40Hz should be very different driver with very different characteristics.

Depends, the one I actually picked is rather unusual. By using a 4" Voice coil you have in effect a 4" diameter dome radiator in the middel and another 2" wide ring radiator around it. This means for the same cone material thickness you get the same stiffness as a conventional 5" driver using similar materials.

So, it will do pretty well at both 40Hz and 3KHz.

As for PR, it is a system of resonant reinforcement of low frequencies, just like bass reflex, transmission line or horn loading.... ;-)

My smaller speaker gets used with a sub and thus gets into your line.

But as you know, I prefer fewer ways over more.

Ciao T

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