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Post Subject: Tube change simplicityPosted by anthony on: 1/3/2019
 Paul S wrote:
Anthony, congratulations on getting your project to this point!  I mention without referring back to your schematics, I think you will be glad to have test points, along with variable resistors (trim pots) to re-set operating points, as needed, if only for normal drift. This can help avoid insanity down the road, and it also give you the chance to "dial in" your operating points by ear, when you are ready to do this. Again, I am not sure what's called out. In any case, ESR changes with X/O changes would make VRs useful there, as well.

Best regards,
Paul S

Thanks for your words Paul.  I am very tempted to make the tube change experience as simple as possible, without mucking up the look to the whole amplifier.  We will see what I can come up with.



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