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Post Subject: Building the Melquiades: #1.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 6/9/2006

Ok, it took 2.5 hours to mount the transformers and chokes. The transformers above are filament transformer and high voltage transformer. (The super Melq has all high voltages coils as separate transformers). The 3 chokes above are input chokes for first stage, negative supply and positive supply. The large choke inside the chassis is the 10H/500mA choke for second stage. The power entry is the regular Schurter, fused but not filtered. The fan is SilenX Ixtrema 120 11dBA and will be running at 5V. The single building post (no multiple taps) are unavoidably by Superior Electric.

It was slight pain in ass to mount all of it as the big power choke and power transformers are mounded against each other. The Power transformers are lifted form the chassis. I experimented with different vibration dumpling materials in past and use some crazy things. However, what I discover that regular rubbers mostly convert the vibration into LF vibration. So, I use a layer of sorbothane (1/4 under PS transformers and 1” under the big choke) and a few layers (above and under sorbothane) of proprietary, demilitarized, highly secretive VibroSponge ™.  The VibroSponge ™ works magnificent, at least my stetoskop indicates it.

Romy the Cat

PS: The VibroSponge ™ of course is not the demilitarized crap but the regular, the cheapest, black mouse pads from my local Micro Center. They cost $1.20 and it happen that they, although they might look ugly but they “work” very very nice, better then the identical thinness of the different high-tech rubbers.

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