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Post Subject: Further Vitavox S2 improvement?Posted by Romy the Cat on: 10/29/2004

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I have posted this idea at the Peter’s Vitavox site a few month back but there is no activity at that site. It sucks that there are no advanced S2 users out there. I am planning to try it myself and in a month or so and will report the result.  Meanwhile, I decided to add this post to the local S2 knowledge base:

*****************From the original post ******************

I have "a thing" that is drilling in my mind for almost a year.
The S2 (and alike) drivers have sealed back chambers. Also, some people (who for instance do not use my twittering techniques that I descried in my “S2 - Survival Guide…”) who use S2 “as is” are familiar with it’s upper frequency harshness…


Making a lot of experiments with back chambers at upper bass speakers I have learned how the reflections in there affect sound. I would project those conclusions to the S2’s back chamber. S2 has a mean metal chamber that SHOULD reflect HF and therefore putting all together here what I think…

How about if to take a back plate of S2 out (it will not screw the driver aliments) and inside a back chamber a thin layer or wool-like or any other material. It should be a very little of it (probably only on the perimeters). It should slightly subdue the reflection but do not change volume. Alternatively it might be a lot of damping there but then the delta of the resonance frequency (volume of the chamber) should be corrected back to where it used to be by making the back chamber smaller. (Wool-like material will drop the Fs, making the chamber virtually larger)
Anyhow, did anyone tried to do it with S2. I would love if someone try and report what would happen. Unfortunately I have no time nowadays. But I will definably try in future…

Meanwhile it is all yours and I have a feeling that it SHOULD work

The Cat
September 15, 2004 10:19 AM

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