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Post Subject: Ah ah, pressure not sound !Posted by martinshorn on: 5/20/2018
Sorry Romy, dont say i said how it sounds. I did not. In fact i was just about to take back the statement of not doing better than a K-horn.  

Let me put it straight. Above shows what is possible (more or less) in terms of pressure. It shows the horn will not provide pressure below 50 cycles. And this is likely to be true. It will not magically appear out of nowhere. This does not exclude possibility that in some rooms due to modes it might sound full till 40 Hz. But 17 never ever.  
  Above also shows an extraordinary sensitivity from one small single 10" radiator. So in fact, i think it easily compeeds with the k-horn in terms of "loudness" (only the boom, nothing else im refering here to!!!). Thats great and shows that the horn itself is more efficient. Which comes along with all advantages and disadvantages of using a smaller lighter driver without (the usual) sensitivity loss. thats good.    

    What you say however is important. Lot of people try to make horns using only the simulator, and later is sounds dreadful. The "loudness over frequency" might still correlate (with slight deviation) to the simulation. And thats all the simulator promised Smile There is no scale of quality or pleasure. Neither did i say that.    

Doing many many many horns... I think i see some correlations of what AJhorn shows and when a system sounds good. It might not be where you expect it. I found it in the impedance. Both pressure and electrical. When you have a very flat linear bump-free impedance, its correlating with avoidance of resonance. The pre-chamber, the throat, the flare, the mouth, the surrounding, even the phaseplug etc etc etc can have a mass-reactance and resonance. These things should be avoided. So, instead of fishing 100% in the dark, lot of try&error, you can at least clear out lot of rubish with AJhorn, striving for good pressure & electrical impedance, and 2-3 out of 10 mockups you trash before building. Very nice.      
I also see most (8 of 10) people do not fill out the forms properly. Everyone disregards cone to throat distance, actual compression on the phaseplug, plug flare, corner efficiency (acoustic transparent floor or wall) etc just to name a few.    

  So shit in, shit out. Most cases.   

Best you can input -> get a rough idea of whats possible    

My view...

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