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Post Subject: Marketing.Posted by xandcg on: 5/19/2018
All their marketing is wrong in several ways. Some of them:

1 - the website (beyond the fact they are using some BS template you can buy for a few bulks, and all them them are buggy, slow and insecure) have a page to make an appointment to their showroom but there is no address. On the website have two possible address one in California and another in China.

2 - the price. The price is something that should be strategic thought when dealing on luxury market. One time you set it you cannot make it go down just up, or all your business will lose value and respect from the clients. Have you ever seen Rolls-Royce lowering their prices? With the price they are advertising they should (at very minimum) find a way to get the best room of the show, and not a pocket room.

3 - When someone want something made of carbon fiber (and it is not for pure industrial/commercial usage), 99% of the time they want carbon fiber that looks like carbon fiber, with those classic stripes, and not something that look like cheap industrial plastic/ribbon.

Taste is personal thing, but carbon fiber can integrate very well if done properly almost anywhere.  Look for some Bentley Mulsanne (or any) with carbon fiber finishing in its interior. EX. And you still have colored carbon fiber to make the things even be.

But the most funny thing about all of that is the price. Chinese are well know to be cheap, including the rich ones when dealing on the luxury market. They always want to pay little to nothing for everything. The Swiss banks (for instance) in Singapore know them very well. They want the bank to make a lot of money for them (talking about investment banks) and pay zero interest to the bank, more like they require it.

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