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Post Subject: Putting it in relationPosted by martinshorn on: 5/15/2018
Good morning  
Xandg, i thought the same and asked, so i got forced to knock and touch, very heavy & firm. 
As I wrote, the gravel-filled cavity at the mouth seems to make a difference.  

Anthony, thats the rooms yes Smile It looks redicolous on the picture. Well. Not ideal.So its not fair comparing it to the German 5 way Goto from Klaus S. as he has its awesome environment build around the speaker.Anyhow, the "total experience" with Klaus S. was still several classes above ESD. Sorry to say. ESD remains one of my best experiences in commercial speakers, and if I could pick any for free, theyd be amongst the very few in consideration. And far ahead of the Vox Olympian. Thats the big surprise. 

Romy. I know the situation there was no good, reg. the room. But when i enter in a silent moment, clear my throat, talk, clap hands, look around....I kind of get a feeling how the room responses. You know what i mean? Then when they play songs im familar with, I have a feeling how that song or sound should be in this responding environment. So, though rooms might be all different, you still can put the speaker evaluated in relation to the surrounding.Still, this is not good enough for subtle differences. I wouldnt dare to compare 2 MC pickups in different environment of course.  

Anyhow. Some things are too obvious regardless of circumstances. If you compare the ESD to VoxOlympian, ESD is more airy, more open, more light and slim. And it definately puts a lot stronger accentuation on the rendering of the recording-room-echo on your stage. It sounds like, there is more space. Not neccessarily big or blured, loose flying around. Though slim, it clearly lets you see there is one phantom, there the other, inbetween there is room with echo and black space. Those attributes really hit your face. 

Now regarding 20 or 70 Hz... I saw their bass horn is 3 meter long. 
The Klipsch corner boosts full down to 90 cycles and got 1.6 meter length. But down till the cutoff 45Hz it still loads a little, with room support sounds full till <50Hz and xcursion is also damped alot, so .... My point is, double the K-horn length and calculate half the cycles, makes full boost to 45 and cutoff at 22. Theoretically. Or?  cheersJosh

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