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Post Subject: Finally - the soundPosted by martinshorn on: 5/14/2018
Well what was special in the sound?
In general it was very good - my favorite of the whole exhibition, 3 days, and many dozens of the best commercial installations of this planet. All the big usual stuff - you name it.
Now, the dry base meant to me: it was the only one that did not have the big boom headache base.
The lows were really nicely bouncing clearly articulated.
The highs were brilliant sparkling when required - gentle as silk, or totally decent stepping into the background if not in the recording (which was mainly the case) - impressive combination. Normally sparkling and non-intrusive is hard to combine, often either or. This was particularly lovely.
Now 3 things really stood out, you would recognize in a second:
- percussions, guitar and transients where totally neutral, uncolored, wide open unlimited breathing - floating in the air realistically
- while strings, flutes and such steady-state instruments where still remaining their emotional harmonics, the color, the sweetness that touches
- and also, if the recording carried, the echo was projected into the room very authentic. The speaker couldnt be localized but the phantoms, their room was expanding beyond the wall, very authentic.  

To me no single one of those 3 attributes was new like oh wow thats best ever.
But I always thought you need to decide. 
Some have a balanced tonality that makes percussion like real - but steady state boring or even sharp.
Some have amazing emotion in the harmonics of strings - but you hear the honky colors in the squares / transients / percussion.
Here it was really a good combination of both worlds. And that impressed me. That you can have one without sacrifying the other.  

It was very lovely and emotional. I calmed down from the exhibition stress.
Wish i had listened even more.
Too bad the playlist was only 10 songs short and I got quickly bored Smile 
I anyhow tried to sit in a good spot, closed eyes, about 2-3 hours net focused listening to really catch a stable impression that will stand against doubt.
The room did suck a lot, about 20-30 squaremeter, really shitty and squeezed, no aircon...

Anyhow, itll be interesting to see how they develop and how others will describe their experience.


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