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Post Subject: Prejudice vs experience...Posted by martinshorn on: 5/14/2018
Hi Romy 

Indeed you sound a little racist, but i think we all have our prejudice.  

Funny enough, i didnt recognize nor cared, spotted the horn with my eyes, went in and listened.
Now, read this carefully: I listened to the system with closed eyes, for half an hour.
This shaped my judgement on the sound quality and relevance bout sharing this experience.
Neither did i know how it was build, nor by whom at that time.
The next day, i wanted to whipe out possibility of wrong perception, over excitement, faulty judgments.
This happens to everyone once in a while (as it did to me with LivingVoice, i dont like them anymore) and only intense long repetitive concentrated listening in good state of health (zen, balance, relax etc) can verify your impression.
I also listened to Cessaro, again this year, multiple times, and to cut the off-topic short: theyre no good. They lack all dynamics, colors, beauty. They have no faulty tonality or something obvious, theyre simply dead and unpleasant. I tried to share my thoughts with the main representative. He did not care, as all the other arrogant morones on the exhibition. Ok... 

Now, back to ESD. Its a family business. I guess that drives the comment you quoted, combined with different culture & attitude. They were very friendly, welcoming, and talkatively honestly sharing all construction details without hesitation. They did not decline to answer any of my questions, though they could or should have, and i really drilled them with questions!So let me quote them a bit: 

The dad is the sponsor, initiator and CEO. He had many horns, including Goto, Ale, etc. He was not pleased so asked his son to develop one.
His son is an engineer. As he got deeper into the topic, they spotted the need to do everything, from DAC down to the horn and driver and all inbetween.
Theyre doing DAC, preamp, poweramp, fieldcoil-current-unit, drivers and horns.
He gathered a team of developers, things took a route and so on.
Now as you throw names, youre actually throwing right direction, Sam Saye and Bruce Edgar are part of their team. He did design the horns, and theyre 1:1 according his supervision. The diaphragm are customized by Truextend which involves Saye as much as the field coil.

Now, before scaring everyone off with looong text, ill have plenty of info from my "interview" and ill share post by post separately regarding: 
- horn design 
- field coil innovation 
- beryllium  
- phase plug innovation 
- amps chain etc 
- unique sound  

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