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Post Subject: Another example of use of a Fundamentals Channel. Posted by Romy the Cat on: 5/30/2006

I do not remember whose inhalation it was, also unfortunately those audio people flash each other with pictures, exchanging with audiopornography, but do not share their reason, thoughts of objectives.

In the given example the system designer obviously fool himself. Still, there is something that made me to think about what I see in here. A midrange compression driver loaded into ~2000kHz horn and another compression driver loaded into ~300 kHz. I wonder what motivated the guy to do it? Drivers? Cut offs? Reasons? Results? Who knows…

Still the concept is interesting. I hope the guy did it not because he got an extra home somewhere on sale but because he had more noble reasons. Regrettably his time alignment techniques and his papier-mâché upperbass horn suggest that hi reasons had no sonic justifications…

Romy the caT

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