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Post Subject: Stacking the horns: bad ideaPosted by Romy the Cat on: 5/26/2006

 Wojtek wrote:
Why can't you just stack them inserting new horn in between midbas and midhorn and keeping your original arrangement? Since your midbass sits on the floor, the tweeter still should be on resonable hight.I would transform your full range Melquiades for bass duty and use super Melq. for the rest band. Lucky you with all your toys.

Well, it was my original idea. Unfortunately it did not work.

The MF horn with S2 produces a primary identifiable sound source and it should be at a certain height relative to a default listening level. I personally prefer when a center of the “supper image” is slightly higher then ear level. I like to look up very slightly at the “supper image” and I prefer when the level of the primary identifiable sound source is somewhere at the tip pf the head level. So, I relay can’t not to move the MF channel up. Currently I have 12” between upperbass and MF. The “Fundamentals Horns” is around 17” but the biggest problem that it has the mouth of the upperbass horn in the way. I was for a long time brewing is idea of oval tratrix that would be able to sit horizontally between the upperbass and MF but then I learned that those horns should sit free and far form each other at least 1.5-2 times of the mouth size. So, to pile up the horn like sardine in a can (even if I were able to do it) would be not a good idea….

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