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Post Subject: Back to the imaging of the fifth wheel.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 5/25/2006

Actually Goto does not have default 5-6-7 way systems. I have seen that they recommend 4 ways systems. Definably in the fields the dealer and distributor load their ignorant customers with as much drivers as possible selling them 55 ways systems.  I have seen/heard one such a system in NY: many drivers chaotically connected and randomly placed together…. with the consequential sonic result…

I disagree with you, Jan, that the compression drivers use resonances. Usually the compression drivers hide primary resonance behind the horn’s cut off. If the drivers use resonances to expand the usable bandwidth upwards then they called the crappy drivers. Well, they do not really USE resonances to expand the usable bandwidth. They juts have resonances and no one care about them because no one makes them “for sound” but rather “for pressure”, and no one cares how those drivers would perform in high demands of home installations…

I brought the GOTO to my “fundamentals channel” thread because Goto does a driver that no one else has: SG570. This driver meant to be operated from 300Hz to 2kHz and suggested from 300Hz to 1kHz. As I understand it should be a part of 6-ways installation, as below 300Hz you must have at least 3 channels and the way in which GOTO breaks around 7-8kHz it should have 3 channels above. I never seen any set ups where this driver was used and was not able to observe what people try to do with this driver. It is possible that this driver is juts a tribune to the GOTO midbass horn. The GOTO horns are horrible and they use for midbass and upperbass exponential horns with low profiles – means honk, honk, honk, honk…

Still, I doubt that GOTO went for the theoretical 300Hz to 1kHz channel just  to handle the limitation of their drivers. They use this own drivers and they could do with them whatever they need to. However, my interest was not about the GOTO's design ides but to understand where they use such a lower midrange channel (the fundamentals channel) in context of a system's real estate. That actually what my initial post in this thread was all about. I am very confident as now that I will make my fundamentals channel to sound good (the prototype works very nice) but I am also confident that to incorporate such a channel in the Macondo will be complicated.

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